The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory UK have published a news article on the Royal Navy’s fleet trial of ktrack. Our technology has been installed onboard both HMS Queen Elizabeth (QNLZ) and HMS Prince of Wales (PWLS). Our technology is being tested to explore the system’s effectiveness on a real Royal Navy vessel and explore the human factors issues associated with souls on board wearing this RFID technology.

Over the coming months, the trial is being conducted on both ships to build system functional data and capture operator and end user feedback until June 2022. Information gathered will be used to shape a full requirement specification to Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) for future procurement.

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Lieutenant Commander Glen Kerrigan, Capital Ships Weapon Engineer in the Royal Navy and outgoing project sponsor, said:

The PAL project has exceeded expectations; this capability is now providing positive evidence that technology can reduce the Risk to Life (RtL) of Souls on Board and is being used as the primary accounting method on HMS Queen Elizabeth for her global deployment Op Fortis.

To achieve this success on a strategic defence platform in a highly demanding environment is remarkable for any project; to get this far from a tech demo project is unheard of and has been the result of solid collaboration across defence organisations and suppliers.

George Curtis, DSTL Project Manager, added:

The trial and deployment will generate valuable operational feedback, while providing the Royal Navy with a practical interim personnel accounting solution. It will be a significant enhancement to the safety of navy personnel, with potential for adoption on other vessels.


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