ksafe Covid-19 Workplace Solutions

Kinsetsu’s ‘ksafe’ solutions are helping organisations maintain safe and healthy workplace environments for their staff and customers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wearable Social Distancing Management Sensor

Help ensure that staff and customers are maintaining set distances apart with Kinsetsu’s SureDistance Social Distancing Sensor – the most reliable and robust wearable solution for workplace social distancing.


Rechargeable belt/lanyard/watch sensor alerts when another comes too close, warning both wearers to increase distancing. Up and running in seconds.


IP67 shockproof & water resistant, suitable for harsh environments and a battery life > 10 hours. No other infrastructure required.


Latest UWB wireless technology, accurate distance measurement 30m down to 10cm – adjustable alerting distance.


GDPR compliant, with complete privacy assured.  Anonymity is 100% protected at all times as devices are not tracked by any platform and store no data.

How It Works

We all know how important minimising person-to-person contact is in reducing the spread of Covid-19. Staying at least 1 (or ideally 2) metres apart is challenging for workplace environments, particularly when staff are focusing on the task at hand.  Kinsetsu’s SureDistance sensor emits a short audible or vibrating alert when another wearer is detected within a set distance, reminding both wearers to increase their distance.

Accurate, leading-edge wireless technology provides a full 360-degree field of detection. The device can be worn on a belt or lanyard, and its rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows it to operate seamlessly throughout the day. Our solution can be deployed rapidly, without requiring any other infrastructure, internet connectivity or subscriptions.

 SureDistance is fully GDPR-compliant and ensures staff privacy at all times. No data is logged and individuals are not tracked, the device simply alerts them when another staff member or customer comes into close proximity.


Automated Contact Tracing

Ksafe provides automated detailed contact-tracing information between staff, customers / patients. If someone is identified as possibly having the virus, ksafe shows who else has been in close proximity to the individual, and for what period of time.  


This information allows you to prioritise which staff may need to take additional measures such as self-isolation. It protects other staff members and their families, allowing the business to continue functioning without isolating staff who have not had any contact with the infected individual.

  • Body worn contact tracing sensor with built-in alerting for wearer if social distancing is being breached
  • Management reporting dashboard to quickly identify if individuals are not maintaining social distancing allowing targeted training and awareness
  • Rapid contact tracing if an indiviudal suspects they may be infected
  • All tracing is carried out by body-worn sensor, no need for a separate mobile phone or app.  Privacy assured as sensor can be removed when leaving work
  • Water resistent sensor allows cleansing and re-use for clinical environments.

Elevated Body Temperature Detection 

Reassure staff and visitors that additional safety checks are being carried out for anyone entering the workplace.  Thermal imaging technology allows businesses to quickly and accurately identify anyone with a higher than expected body temperate.

  • Accurate body temperature detection cameras alert when staff or customers present as having a possible high-temperature which could identify the person has a viral infection.
  • Detects temperature of multiple people at a time (35-45 degree celsius range with an accuracy of 0.3 degree celsius)
  • Measures forehead temperature, works if personnel are wearing facemasks or not
  • Facemask detection option to alert if someone is not wearing one in areas where they are required.

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